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If you want to write articles on various topics and niches for our platform and contribute content to help your brand, please follow these guidelines.



1. Your content must be at least 600 words long and properly formatted.

2. Check that your content is optimized before sending.

3. Send your content to [email protected] along with a feature image.

Create a group for the general classification, where you can learn about the number of classifications you can discuss and the important guidelines you must follow before submitting.

We are looking for short articles of at least 1000 words, and it is up to you if you have additional knowledge or write more about the topic, in which case we will invite you for the additional material.

Please ensure that your short article is well-written and free of grammatical errors. Please include at least one photo.

You want reproduction rights for them; if these images aren't yours but are free of legal rights, please provide the source.

All articles must contain only original web content.

This implies that they do not have to be published previously on the internet.

Any duplicate content will not be made available.

Within the body of the text, you may include one external link to your blog or website that is relevant to the material you're submitting.

Warning! This category does not include promotional products, advertising, or press releases.

These articles are not acceptable.

  • Content that has been copied or spun.
  • There is no feature image in the content.
  • Adult or spam content is permitted.
  • irrelevant content.


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