, pub-8260164757000075, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 The New York Times once again held up a mirror to the Modi government

The New York Times once again held up a mirror to the Modi government

The New York Times once again held up a mirror to the Modi government

New Delhi: Under Modi, India will become the second Kashmir. The New York Times sounded the alarm. The New York Times once again showed a mirror to the Modi government and shook the world's largest so-called democracy.

Muddy. It proved to be the worst enemy of Indian democratic values and became a laughing stock for India from America to Britain.

Anu Radha Bhasan, the editor of Kashmir Times, a newspaper banned by the Indian government, wrote an editorial in the New York Times and raised questions about the Modi government.

In 2019, Kashmir Times filed an application in court against Modi over internet shutdown. In retaliation, the Modi government closed down the newspaper itself. The 66-year-old newspaper has fallen prey to Modi's ego.

This is the 11th New York Times editorial on human rights and declining journalistic standards in India in 2023 alone.

The New York Times said Modi had publicized intolerance and violence against Muslims in India. Journalists critical of Modi are threatened under the guise of charges of terrorism or separatism, income tax evasion.

According to a report by the New York Times, newspapers are blackmailed to publish favorable news under the guise of advertisements and funds. After assuming power in 2014, Modi has systematically controlled the courts and government machinery.

Anu Radha Bhasan, executive editor of Kashmir Times, wrote in the New York Times that only the media is standing in the way of Modi's dictatorship. There has been an information gap in India.

After Kashmir, Modi now wants to implement this model across India. Modi is stifling freedom of expression through new laws. The Modi government has put the names of more than 20 critical journalists on the no-fly list.

Even though 19 journalists were killed in Kashmir from 1990 to 2018, there was no threat to journalism. After Modi came back to power, a journalistic tragedy is taking place. Indian media has become the mouthpiece of Moody's for avoiding sanctions and economic benefits.

Blocking the BBC's anti-moody series and raiding offices under the guise of income tax are tactics to stifle journalistic voices. Will the United Nations take any notice of Modi's fascist agenda after the repeated voices of the world media?

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